5 ways to use video to increase your inbound calls

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If you read this learning section on a regular basis, you might realize that the Take Away Content team are big fans of using video when it comes to creating bonds with people.

There is a reason why we love putting a bit of video everywhere: it makes us more human to most visitors and it’s a common language; everyone understands visual storytelling.

Humans LOVE to see people’s faces, hear them talk, and see their bodies move.

So if you ask us what is the first thing that makes video different from all other types of content. We might just answer this:

"Video makes you more human and other Humans love that."

This article introduces how to use video to generate more leads for your company. We have great news for you if you are on a budget: each of these ideas can become real for less than 500€.

Explain what you do to newcomers

It might sound obvious but the better people understand what you can do for them instantly, the more will get in touch to get your help. This explainer video needs to be short and straight to the point. Your goal here is to make people want to know more about you after watching. You want to make them realise they are at the right place to find the help they need.

End it with a relevant call-to-action and you are ready to focus on other topics while the video works for you on your website and social media profiles.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Introduce yourself and your team members

Remember? People love seeing others in motion. Is there a more efficient way, apart from being physically present, to make people want to interact with you? Be more than a website, say ‘hello’ to your customers.

Team members introduction videos are great to make people want to get in touch. It is a great chance to tell many more things than the usual Name, Position, Favourite dish… Last but not least, it is the best way to direct visitors to the right contact person, saving your call taker a tremendous amount of time.

Be personal when you ask for personal stuff

Nowadays, people think twice before giving away their personal information. You too, right? When you think about it, it is easy to understand why. Most of the time, there is a form at the bottom of a page with big titles, swearing that we'd live better if we were kind enough to throw in our most cherished information.

If you want to get personal with someone, it is usually more efficient to give something personal as well. Build trust. Show that you care. Explaining why you are asking those data, how you intend to use them, who will use them, etc, is a great way to show the example. You are out there telling everyone why you need to get their phone number. It makes a big difference.

Customer testimonials

Video customer testimonials convey 2 major beneficial ideas: the story your clients tell, and the fact that they were happy enough to accept putting their face on camera to help your brand.

On camera, testimonials show as genuine people sharing their real thoughts. This authenticity plays a big part in getting people to self-identify, or simply to trust your brand even if they don’t know it so far.

Add video comments in your portfolio

Visitors checking your case studies and previous projects want to know how you solved clients’ problems in the past. The way we speak tells a lot about us. Give people a chance to listen to your direct comments about how you treated the problem, what you thought about it at first, the difficulties you met, the way you overcame them…

"Letting people know how you helped your clients is a great manner to make a lot of other people want to hire you as well."

There are many ways video can help a business generate more interactions with prospects, leads and customers. These 5 examples can all be produced for a small budget and they have the tremendous benefit of making your business more human.

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