Check your eligibility for the grant and obtain financial help to create your website, e-commerce or digital marketing!

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Check your eligibility for the grant and obtain financial help to create your website, e-commerce or digital marketing!

When can I apply : 

Right now and until the 22nd of July

Who can apply: 

Self-employed professionals who are registered in (RETA) and small businesses.

How much is the grant?: 

Up to 70% of eligible expenses with a maximum of 5,000 euros

The minimum eligible expenditure must be 1,000 euros.

Am I eligible ? 

The beneficiary company must have at least one establishment at street level in Catalonia. (store or boutique open to the public anywhere in Catalonia)

The projects to be subsidized must be carried out through specialized companies in the sector that can accredit their experience. (that’s us at Takeaway Content)

In the case of digital marketing on social media, the actions must be carried out by experienced company staff or a specialized company who can accredit their experience. (that’s also us at Takeaway Content)

It is essential that the project is fully operational before 31 December 2021. (At Takeaway Content, we guarantee the project will be finished in the 2021 year)

Technological solutions (eCommerce, web, APPS, digital billboard) must be available in Catalan, at least. 

In the case of digital consulting projects and / or studies, the company in charge must have 3 years of experience in the digital sector and trade of at least 1 year and the duration of the project cannot be less than 3 months.

How will it happen?:


1. Takeaway Content prepares the budget and documentation. We then process the grant application.

‍2. You don't pay anything until the grant is awarded and published in the Official Diary of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

3. At the start of the work, Takeaway Content charges 50% of the project's total amount.

4. Takeaway Content develops the project, which must be completely finished by the end of 2021.

‍5. When the project is delivered, Takeaway Content invoices the remaining 50% to be paid.

‍6. Takeaway Content prepares the administrative documents and processes the justification for your grant.

‍7. The Generalitat pays you the amount of the grant.

What documents do I need to show to get the grant?: 

The following documentation is required:

    - You must fill in the ICT Self-Diagnosis Outcome Report ( . These are simple questions about the current digital presence of your business, Takeaway Content will assist you in this questionnaire. 

    - A photograph of the exterior  and interior of the establishment at street level.

    - Detailed budget of the actions to be subsidized (this will be the Takeaway Content estimate)    - Detailed report of the actions to be implemented (We, at Takeaway Content can help you write this)

What kind of digital action can be carried out with the grant money?: 

- Customized websites with computer systems that allow the management, the updating of contents, the metrics, that is available in different devices, that is to say responsive, multilingual and that contains a directory that facilitates the search in the web space.

- Promotional actions and digital communication and marketing campaigns, such as sponsored links or SEM, pay-per-click campaigns, SEO positioning, affiliate campaigns, online advertising, etc. If these actions are on social media profiles, the reason for their choice must be duly justified and they must be integrated into the company's website.

- Creation of online stores from a physical establishment, provided that the same article collection is facilitated in the physical establishment.

   - Digital consulting projects and studies for specialized advice, in order to ensure success in the implementation of technological solutions and services necessary for the implementation of the company's digital transformation strategy.

The below expenses are accepted in the grant: 

   - Creation, design and positioning of web pages (domain registration, programming, design and contents).

   - Hiring an external company that offers the community management service.

   - Sponsored links or SEM (pay-per-click campaigns on platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook) as long as they are made by experienced company staff or a specialized company.

   - Creation of professional profiles on social networks as long as they are carried out by experienced company staff or a specialized company

   - Content marketing

   - Online monitoring and reputation.

   - Creation of an online store.

   - Creation of an online catalog.

   - Tools to improve SEO and SEM positioning

   - Email marketing (sending newsletters or emails to customers).

   - Digital signage implemented in the physical establishment and content management as long as it collects customer data (a TV screen that does not provide this information is not eligible).

   - Creation of the establishment's own mobile application (APP)

   - CRM and loyalty projects

   - Interactivity (NFC tags, Beacons, QR codes, etc.

   - Connectivity in the store (collective WiFi - not from the establishment itself)

   - Implementation of RFID electronic tags

   - People meter systems

   - Systems for measuring human traffic in the different areas of the store (heat maps)

   - Analytical video systems to measure audiences, interest in the promotional content of the screens, facial recognition (sex, age) to program targeted content

   - Incorporation of voice assistants or chatbot technology.

   - Mcommerce

   - In the case of digital consulting projects and / or studies, the eligible expenses will be those that are related to technical, legal, analysis and definition strategy consulting in order to draw up a strategic transformation plan. digital of the company.

   - In no case will cash collection manager (POS) machines be subsidized, nor office solutions, nor operating systems, office or similar, computers, tablets, desktop printers, cameras, photo sessions, etc.


What are the criterias to obtain the grant?: 

The following criteria will be assessed with a maximum of 100 points. To be eligible for these grants, applications submitted must have a minimum score of 25 points out of a total of 100 points, otherwise they will be deemed rejected:

a) Impact of the project on the company's business and its processes (up to 50 points)

b) Degree of innovation of the project (up to 25 points)

c) Degree of sustainability of the project (up to 15 points)

d) The investment of the action (up to 10 points).

Contact Takeaway Content to check your eligibility for the grant and obtain financial help to create your website, e-commerce or digital marketing!

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