How much should content cost?

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How much should content creation cost?

How much should content cost?

Normal agencies will tell you it’s impossible to tell you, but you can go to a fixed-price agency.
Find out what’s at the bottom of the sales funnel before you start.

They've been talking to you for what seems like hours about digital marketing, content strategies, video production and sure their showreel has some amazing looking, fast cut videos and their copy is full of zeitgesty words and phrases that pop but what you're really thinking as you sit in the primary coloured chair, next to the living wall admiring their rows of shiny Macs, is how much is all this going to cost me?

It's the last thing that an agency will ever mention because they want you invested in their shiny products before they tell you the often eye wateringly high price it will cost to get that must have drone shot that is absolutely necessary for your content.

So, in this article we are going to talk about the great taboo of cost, money, dinero, dough, bread, moolah, pasta, Benjamins, and smackeroonies.

Okay, we admit that it can be hard to put a definite price on content before starting the process. It will depend on what type of content you want (video, script, audio,photo etc) and on the length (1min, 5 min, 500 words, 4000 words) because a 30 second social media video will cost more than 5 hours of educational material but not always because you may want that must have drone shot for your video and some fancy graphics, ah, you see what we've done, we've entered the sales funnel. Let's climb out for a second.

Take it as read that the more complex, or the more material you need, will affect the price.

Another big factor will be whether you are making some or all of it yourself or using a content creation agency.  If making your own content be sure to check out our blog how to decide between self-shooting and when to call in a pro.

So, with all these variables, the real question to be asking here is what are you trying to achieve? What is your goal? That's right set your goal and fix a budget. Don't let your budget be fixed by the agencies. You want a ROI after all and that investment is your call.

Content isn’t the destination, it’s the vehicle to get you there.

Listen to the mighty $$

Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Are you looking to increase revenue? Are you hoping to increase the number of visitors on your site? Or are you trying to reach your local community and become a reference point for them on your topic? All these are business goals that content can help you achieve.

The bottom line is: cost is irrelevant if you haven’t defined the results you want it to bring in.

Here is our action plan:

First step: Identify your goal

In order to be successful, your goal has to be well-defined (what exactly do you want to reach), attainable (make sure it’s possible to reach), and timely (give yourself a determined time to reach it).

This first step will help you decide on the importance, and time period within which you want to achieve your goal and so orientate an expected budget you want to dedicate to it.

Second step:

Before worrying too much about the final cost of the content you want to create, we suggest you answer these questions. As they will help you and your chosen content agency, if using one, in making the process quick, easy and affordable:

  • What is the deadline? Knowing when the project needs to be delivered helps identify the resources necessary.
  • Who is the audience? Different people liked to be talked to in different ways. Knowing your audience is key in creating relevant content.
  • What is the core message? Identifying the bottom key message you want to get across is sometimes not as easy as it seems. Check out this article on successful core messages.
  • What are the metrics you’ll use to determine success? It is important to know in advance how you will measure the success of your content, in order to move in the right direction.
  • Where will the content live? There are many places your content could  ‘live’ : digitally, printed, hosted, posted etc. Knowing where the content is destined to appear can help make strategic creation choices.
  • Are your competitors doing something similar? A little spying goes a long way. You want to look out for things you are doing similar, and also for things you are doing better to really focus on them.

These questions will orientate you and make clear what is necessary and what is not. It will provide guidelines for the content creation.

Money talks...

Third step: Choose your agency:

The previous steps should have helped you determine what you are really expecting from the piece of content and how much budget to accord to it.

But remember, as our video producer,  Jérôme Chantal  likes to remind us here at

Creating content is like buying a suit. You can have a suit for 150€ or for 3000€. In both cases, it’s a suit and it allows you to show-up covered with pants, shirt and a jacket. Apart from this, everything is different between both. One might be okay for a local business meeting but not enough if you want to attend the Oscars ceremony.”

The catch is: you don’t always need to be dressed for an Oscar’s ceremony now do you? Of course not!

You pick and choose according to what is needed for the occasion.  We had that in mind when we designed our fixed price content creation menus.  You can check them out at Our aim was to make content creation easier, for those of you that already know what you want and when you want it.

With the convenience of having a fixed-price menu for content products such as videos, words, photography, takeaway content takes out the uncertainty of the final budget.

So, once you've gone through steps 1 & 2 set out above you just need to make your order and hey presto your content is delivered when you need it.  We think we’ve made step 3 a pretty simple choice!

We would love to hear about your content creation budget questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me, we are always delighted to help out.

Wendy Kessler
Co-founder - Head of content strategy

Wendy is the project manager at Takeaway Content. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, she is really easy to talk to and she's an expert in content strategy.

Wendy Kessler
Co-founder - Head of content strategy

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