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Shooting in Barcelona

Are you making looking to make video or shoot photography in Barcelona? Let us help you find the perfect location for shooting video in Barcelona or the most amazing backdrop for your Barcelona photography.

We know you need a great model, the best photographer, amazing content...but never underestimate the location. 

A cliché phrase used by property experts is that the three most important factors in determining the desirability of a place are "location, location, location" but it’s a cliché because it’s true.

Our expert team can offer you the perfect setting in order to really reinforce your video or photo shooting in Barcelona. We know the best filming locations in Barcelona for every possible atmosphere and shot you are trying to create. Let us share some of our Barcelona filming locations with you.

Here are our 6 absolute favourite places  for shooting photography and video in Barcelona we can’t resist sharing with you and if you want to know about some more then drop us a line:

The Warehouse

A versatile space for never-ending possibilities

One of our favourite places is a warehouse in the very modern and up-and-coming Poble Nou district. This area is known as Little-Manchester for its combination of industrial spaces and technology-based, start-up businesses and is perfect for shooting urban video or photography in Barcelona.

This 150 m2 space inside + its adjacent 170m outside are very versatile and full-of-possibilities. The daily rental fee is very flexible and fits into any budget. The feeling of the space is rough & raw character, think brick, cement, and wood. Moreover, the roof is 8 meters high so we can adapt all kinds of filming angles. Truly this space offers endless possibilities when looking for a location to film in Barcelona.     

Warehouse for filming in Barcelona


Park Guell 

How to get the best out of a popular place : photography and video in Barcelona’s Park Guell

Of course, everybody who has ever heard about Barcelona knows about Park Guell. This is Antonio Gaudís’s world-famous park and it is truly one-of-a-kind and filled with Gaudi’s bizarre and modernist-style architecture. Started in 1900, the entire park is an ode to nature with its twisted pathways, the forest of columns and the colourful mosaics. It also has a breathtaking view of Barcelona, from the main balcony that stretches out to the sea. But it is super popular and  is visited by more than 9 million per year. At peak times, 1.200 people enter the Park simultaneously in 15 minutes. 

What would you say if we took you in before the crowds? You could catch the Park Guell it the best morning light for your shooting and have the serenity of being there BEFORE the opening hours of the park. Sound ideal, right? We could shoot with the sky-line of Barcelona or get perfect close-up shots with the colourful mosaics in the background. 

Photo shooting in Gaudi Park

Retro-space in Barcelona

A themed venue for a funky atmosphere for video shoots or photo shoots in Barcelona

We loooooooove shooting in themed venues that transport you to another time and create an immersive ambience. Some of our favourite venues genuinely look like they appeared out of another time. 

This particular place is 100% rocking the 70’s! We recommend it for a themed photo shooting or clip footage when you want your background to look genuine and give a distinctive flavour to your footage. 

Big windows flood the space with lovely sunlight and provide access to the mosaic-tiled patio when you are in need of a fresh breath of air. Its distinct 70's design is complete with original furniture pieces, and careful attention to detail. 

Beautiful shooting space barcelona

The Labyrinth

Film in Barcelona Labyrinth

This beautiful and picturesque park is one of the least visited park’s of Barcelona, and we can’t imagine why…It makes it one of the city's best-kept secrets. It used to be privately owned by the Desvalls family and constructed by the Italian architect Domenico Bagutti. It is romantic in its neoclassical architectural style and probably the most beautiful element is it’s neatly trimmed hedge labyrinth right in the center. 

The labyrinth offers a unique window to travel back in time, surrounded by Greek columns and marble statues of greek and roman gods. Inside this miniature world, the aura is unreal and it sometimes feels like time has stopped. 

Crowds are never an issue here, so we could shoot at different times of the day for a different effect. The footage would instantly have a royal taint and a classical look.  You might recognise it from the movie ‘Perfume’ starring Dustin Hoffmann.

Outside filming spot in Barcelona

The giant slides

An eccentric corner of Barcelona for shooting video or photography 

Are you looking for something unconventional and a little unusual? We know lots of out of the ordinary corners in Barcelona with surprising and funny urban settings. For example, a spot in the park near Diagonal del Mar offers several larger-than-life slides. Of course, they are for children, but they would also do wonders for a fashion shoot or an interview with an eccentric twist. Sometimes having a creative setting is just the thing to give your footage the punch. The slides offer a dynamic and original element ready to incorporate. We can also take advantage of the beautiful materials and texture offered on-site. 

The top top top of Barcelona: The bunkers

The complete 360`view

A lot of people think the best view of Barcelona is from the top of Park Guell, but it isn’t.. A lot of people think it’s from the top of an emblematic building, but it isn’t either. The absolute best view of Barcelona is from an old anti-aircraft warfare from the Spanish Civil War, situated in the Carmel district. Today the site is popular for the famous Spanish “botellon” or street party in English and is a favourite for instagram shots of Barcelona for those in the know.  What is the best thing about it?  A complete 360 degree panoramic, unobstructed view of Barcelona city. If you are looking for that special shot that will really take your audience's breath away, this definitely is your spot. 

The bunkers Barcelona

We have so many more places to share with you, this beautiful city where every corner offers a new possibility. We would also love to hear about some of your favourite secret places in Barcelona for filming or taking photos! 

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