Video for a Dr. Hörne's website homepage

Building up trust with video

Julien Höhne, lawyer and tax advisor called us to create a silent banner for his website which would feature his office and colleagues. The shooting took our team half a day.

The goal

Familiarise prospects with his lawyer services.

The feeling of trust is a fragile thing. You people are reassured when their date actually looks like the picture on Tinder. Julien Hörne wanted visitors to be reassured when entering his office because it would already be familiar to them from his website. The video features the office daily life and the staff tending to their occupations. 

  • Showing the surroundings and putting a face on names is reassuring for the client, especially in legal departments that can seem so cold. 
  • Shooting in slow-motion allows us to give a general feel of the actions and space, without highlighting any specific storyboard or action. 
  • Building authority and connections with possible clients by putting him and his employees out there.

Our team in action

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