Drone video of Masia Can Puig

Drone video of a farm

Sabrina and Juan from Grupcrurealestate invited our team to their farm in Papiols to capture the daily life on the premises for a day. Objectifs de la video: Focus on the origin of the product sold in the stores and restaurants.

The goal

Showing the origines of their products

Sabrina and Juan were motivated by giving their store and restaurant customers a glimpse of where they produce comes from and how they grow it. It was important for them to show the tasks on their farm related to their vegetables and goats, as well as their workers and delivery. 

  • Drone video allowed to show the surroundings of the farm at an impressive angle and captivate the viewers.
  • This short documentary style footage allows the viewer an authentic and truthful glimpse of the company’s production process and their day-to-day work, enhancing trust and perceived quality. 

Our team in action

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