Drone video of new skatepark

Drone video of skatepark

The skatepark of La Faute-sur-Mer is one of FL Construction’s more original creations. As a construction company, they pride themselves in construction original structures and urban innovations. Our team made this video (shooting and editing) in less than 1 day.

The goal

Showcase the skatepark in an impressive, dynamic and fun way.

FL construction is a civil engineering building company which prides themselves in innovative urban constructions. This skatepark is built on floodable land which has deep meaning for the inhabitants of the region. Seeing such a dynamic project spring up from this area is motivation and inspiring. FL construction called us in to feature the skatepark on their website. 

  • Drone video allowed us to take breathtaking images of the skatepark at sunrise to captivate viewers.
  • The rythmed and loud approach of our editing team allows the video to stand out and be memorable. 
  • This type of dynamic and stand-out content aims at propelling FL Construction into more creative and innovative projects. 

Our team in action

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