Online training for physiotherapists

Educational medical video

This video is part of series of a paying online medical course given by P2R formation to professional physiotherapists. We shot with Hugues Gauchez and his team of physiotherapists over an energy-packed 4 day filming-marathon.

The goal

Give an in-depth introduction of the course to his students before they arrive for the in person workshop.

Hugues Gauchez gives in-person training to professional physiotherapists, eager to digitise part of the courses, the series of videos aim to bring practical information to the professionals who will be attending the training.

The videos: 

  • Present Hugues in a peer-to-peer way, enhancing trust and empathy with his soon-to-be students. 
  • Offer valuable information to the attendees, which they can assimilate in advance, hence gaining time and facilitating comprehension during the training. 

Our team in action

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