A animation to understand Hermez payment system

Animation of concept

Hermez is a digital payment system that allows users to transfer their digital assets at a fraction of the current cost. Due to their product launch, the team at Hermez asked us to create a presentation video of their system and point out the key benefits. Our team was in charge of the script, the voice-over artist and all animation.

The goal

Illustrate that Hermez is easy to use and understand.

Hermez was launching their digital product and called us in to make an animated video explaining the product and encouraging users. Animation is a fantastic tool to illustrate complex subjects. Hermez aimed to male their product user-friendly for beginners in digital transactions and a great amount of effort was applied to underline the simplicity of their service. 

  • Being in charge of the script helped Hermez sculpt the message to the understanding of beginners.
  • The animation features characters and colours aligned with the brand visuals to create coherence in their visual appearance. 
  • The support of animation helps bring to life complexe financial aspects and abstract ideas. 

Our team in action

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