Video presentation for a new product

Presenting your product

Our client, DescansONA was launching a brand new mattress product and wanted to announce it on their website. We offered them a video which combines face-to-camera of the founders, a screen view of how to choose the product on their website, as well as a 3D animation showing how the product works.

The goal

Give a global view of their product

It was important for Erin and Joan, co-founders of DescansONA, to show their product in an exciting way but also focus on the user benefits and target their audience.

Using a hybrid video mixing face-to-camera, screen recordings and animation, has allowed us to :

  • Gain viewers trust by showing the real people behind the brand
  • Using 3D animation to explain the product in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way
  • Show the screen of their website to motivate viewers to get started with designing their personalised mattress.

Our team in action

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