Podcasts as a way to share knowledge

Captivating your audience

Our team at Takeaway Content is working hand-in-hand with the well-known music therapist Capucine Demnard to assist her in the recording of a podcast about well-being and music. Our team is in charge of the studio recording, and sound mixing.

The goal

Intrigue their audience in new ways

Our client, Music&Opera, due to the pandemic, was looking for new ways to connect with their audience, passionate about music, without having to assist to concerts. 

The podcast written by Capucine Demnard features her expert advice and insight as a musician and music therapist as well as  interviews with guests in the field and recommended music. The podcast is allowing the opera and live concert platform to connect with their audience on a deeper and more personal level. The podcasts share music but also advice and knowledge, while staying totally accessible to beginners.

Our transportable recording equipment allows us to interview and record participants all over Barcelona. 

Our team in action

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