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Presenting company news

An interview with Guy Chantal was carried out at a time of exiting change for his business. He tells us about the company he took over from his father and that he is now passing on to a younger generation. Our team shot and edited the videos in 1 day.

The goal

Inform the company's faithful clients of the company changes.

In 1984 Guy Chantal inherited his company from his father that created it in 1953, he call us in to shoot an heart-felt video in which he informs his faithful clients that he will no longer be head of the company. It was important to Guy to speak truthfully and in a personal manner to his viewers as well as get across the his main message of his career change. 

  • Choosing the video format for this company notice to his clients makes them feel special and cared after. 
  • We shot in an intimist setting in his office in order to show Guy’s personality.
  • We highlighted the storytelling of his core message to make it personal and relatable

Guy received many responses to his videos, many clients said they were touched to receive such an intimate communication. 

Our team in action

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