Video for DescansONA's new mattress

Product launch for a mattress

The challenge was putting together a video that would grab the viewers attention while packing it full of information about the founder, the concept of the mattress, explaining how it works and inviting viewers to try. Our work included scripting, shooting, editing and 3D animation.

The goal

Communicate several ideas in 1 video

To help market their innovative mattress, we working with Erin, passionate  founder of DescansONA mattress to tell the story behind her mattresses. We created a series of videos featuring the DescansONA mattress, the founders and the medical clinic where it all started.

The videos aim to :

  • Gain the viewers trust by putting real people behind the brand.
  • Show the authority and trustworthiness of a product design with a medical background. 
  • Present a new product and how it works to the viewers. 

DescansONA’s website has gained in authority and brand awareness since the videos have helped visitors get a real sense of the brand, the products and the people behind it all. 

Our team in action

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