A team video for the company's website

Team video for construction Company

This video was shot in the FL Construction offices in Nantes, in the course of 1 single day. The manager, Fabien, was excited to get his entire team on their website in the shape of an interview featuring all their employees.

The goal

Show the united and strong team spirit of FL Construction.

FL Construction is a smooth-running civil engineering building company. Having recently created a website, The manager Fabien wanted to feature their entire team online to inspire viewers. Presenting the team and the history of the company in a face-to-camera interview cries out authenticity and truthfulness. 

The video:

  • This free-style interview compared to a scripted company presentation video,  enhances the honesty radiating from the employees. 
  • Putting human faces on company employees is motivating and reassuring to the visitor.
  • By valuing their workers, FL construction shows a motivated and hard-working team. 

Our team in action

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