Design of a new brand image and website for DecorAction

Website for luxury Kitchen store

This website was entirely designed and created by our team, including the copywriting and the photography. We worked with a short deadline: 30 days from the first brief call to the delivered project.

The goal

A new website to boost conversion rates

Our client, Decoration is a boutique luxury kitchen design store in downtown Nantes. They were unhappy with their current website as it was not reflecting the price-range and quality of the store and performing very poor conversion rates. Our redesign was structured around our clients values, and strategically built to boost conversion rates. The main aims of the website was to: 

  • Make sure the website reflects the premium and high-end values of Decoration brand.
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Optimise the website for search engines. 

Decoration has seen an increase in visitors on the website, returning visitors, conversion rates and in sales! We also continually work on new written content to boost the performance of the website on search engines.

Our team in action

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