Podcasts as a healing source

Well-being podcast

Our team at Takeaway Content is working hand-in-hand with the team at A thousand Colibris to assist them in the creation of audio recordings for their wellbeing maternal health app called Dana. Our team is in charge of all voice-overs, studio recording, and sound mixing. 

The goal

Reaching new mothers in a comprehensive and deep way

Veronica and Sven are launching an app destined to empower women in the transition to motherhood, called DANA. The app assists women transitioning into and through motherhood with a positive and preventive health approach.


They called us up to produce a series of audios on different themes related to changes new mothers can be experiencing. On a weekly basis we record our professional voice-over, take care of sound mixing and music.

Our transportable recording equipment allows us to interview and record participants all over Barcelona. 

Our team in action

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