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The best explainer method is animated video

If it can't be filmed, it can be explained with animation

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How to use animated videos?

Motion design has the power to make any complex idea clear.

Animated videos allow you to play by your own rules and bend the laws of nature. That is right, flying elephants can't be filmed but can be drawn and animated. Animated videos gives you the ability to bring any concept, no matter how complex or out of this world, to life with ease.

Know your goal and relax

Our animation studio provides an all-inclusive animated video service. Also known as Motion Design, we will guide you through the steps of producing the best explainer videos for your business.

You get much more than just one video

With animation, no need to shoot videos in multiple languages to avoid the cheesy effect of dubbing. The multilingual video issue can be tackled by recording various voice overs which usually represent less than 10% of the full project budget.

Another great perk of motion design explainers is that every element created for your video can be repurposed all across your marketing channels: more videos, marketing visuals, gifs. Name it, we'll do it.

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Animation production in Barcelona

Why choose us?

It is an all-inclusive service

We work with you through the various stages of creating the animation. From script writing to storyboarding and voiceover. We also take care of creating additional content each time you need them.

It is scalable

Your clients don't all speak the same language? We offer you a solution that can be perfectly adapted to different languages. English, French, Spanish, Chinese... Target all your customers with a single animation that can be adapted as needed.

It is tailor made

We work with your graphic guidelines and visual materials so that the animation reflects your visual identity. Are your graphic designers willing to participate? Good news, we will include them to the team and budgets will be further optimised.

They trusted us

Antonio Vazquez

"I've worked with Jérôme from Takeaway Content in several projects across the years. They are super professional with an excellent taste for video composition. Highly recommend if you need shooting and video animation.

How we work

1- Let’s talk

Our first action is to establish a list of requirements, followed by a creative meeting. In order to produce the videos that works for your business, we need to understand your pain points and needs, set objectives, production planning and schedules.

2- Preparation

When producing an animation, organisation is essential to unleash creativity. The main steps include scripting, choosing a voice-over actor, storyboarding. The step by step process we offer makes it simple and secure.

3- Creating

This is where the magic happens. All previously validated elements get recorded, animated, edited, mixed… You get to review it and finalise details before your final video is delivered.