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Podcasts are your friend if you want to connect on a deeper level.

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What are podcasts and why use them?

A podcast is an audio program that allows professionals to position themselves as experts online.

Podcasts educate your audience while you become a voice they like to listen to, day after day. Each piece of content you create grows your influence. The more you create and the more knowledge you share, the more reliable you become. Before you realise it, people will recommend you to friends, and call you as soon as they need an expert in your field.

People listening to your specialised podcast are very likely to become clients and ambassadors.

Podcast and audio productions in general are the best ways to keep people tuned. They also prove empathy and allow to share valuable knowledge. People choose their podcasts. That means they are interested. Every listener to your podcast is an opportunity to positively develop your business.

The only marketing asset that people really choose to use.

The main advantage of a podcast is you will reach your audience when they are the least distracted. Competing for eyes is tough when a competitor's content is just a scroll away. When your listener is on his morning walk and chooses a podcast though, he will stay concentrated and pay attention to the end.

Day after day, you will build a deep and memorable connection.

Why choose us?

We cover all the presenters options

We record our clients directly or use voice professionals likewise. We also participate ourselves when needed by the project. It is easy and international. We speak English, Spanish and French, and our voice actors speak more than 10 languages. All you have to do is choose the option that suit you best.

Remote or on-site, it is up to you.

You record wherever you want. That means we record remotely with high quality audio, bring our portable studio to your home. You can also come to us. We adapt to your needs, but also to your means.

All-inclusive service

You know the topic and we take care of the rest. From technical solutions to methodology, our team is here to help you focus on the most important: what you have to whisper to your audience's ears.

They trusted us

Verónica Montesinos

"Takeaway Content knew how to connect immediately with our needs, found the perfect voice to reach our audience and did an excellent job in relation to the recording of the content pieces for our newly created app."

How we work

1- Let's talk

We are on the same team! Let's establish the project's goals and guidelines and we will soon be ready to record our first pilot.

2- Creating

Silence! We’re rolling! We record high quality audio remotely or on-site. That’s right, you can even stay home. Do you need human presence? We bring our portable studio to you, or you can come to us.

3- Finalisation

Post-production time: we do all the editing, music, effect and deliver your podcast.