What is video and why use it?

Video is the most powerful means of communication today. It makes you more human and that's irresistible to viewers. People love to hear your voice, see you move and smile… 

There is a video for every business goal you want to reach. Promo videos show off your new product and boost sales. Client testimonial videos convey trust and authenticity. Business explainers help you be understood by your audience. Educational videos educate your audience and build your community. Introductory videos maximise the chances of turning visitors into prospects for your company.

What they all have in common: Video conveys trust: And through trust, strangers to your brand will become visitors, then leads and eventually customers. Our team at Takeaway Content make videos that trigger Emotion. By sharing some personal stories, you are putting a face on your brand. Attention: A heartfelt story grabs your audience's attention like no other content ever will. 

Memory: your video will be memorable for your audience, which are more likely to have a closer link to your brand or product.

What are different types of videos I can produce?

Product presentation, social media video, customer testimonial, business explainer, team introduction, educational content, company storytelling, interview, how-to’s, demonstrations, and the list goes on...

How we work:


Let's talk

Our first action is to establish a brief, followed by a creative session. We want to understand your pain points and needs, set objectives, production planning and schedules



Aaaaand Action! We can bring our portable studio to you or shoot at any location. Let's plug in, let's turn on, let's record, let's ACTION. We work around your timeline and with your best interest at mind.



Postproduction time : we do all the editing, effects and deliver your video.