How to use video for my business?

Video is the most engaging mean of communication today.

There is a video for every business goal you want to reach. Promo videos show off your new product and boost sales. Client testimonial videos convey trust and authenticity. Business explainers help you be understood by your audience. Educational videos educate your audience and build your community. Introductory videos maximise the chances of turning visitors into prospects for your company.

Video conveys trust.

Our team at Takeaway Content make videos that trigger Emotion. By sharing some personal stories, you are putting a face on your brand. Attention: A heartfelt story grabs your audience's attention like no other content ever will.

Video creates memories.

Your video will be memorable for your audience, which are more likely to have a closer link to your brand or product.

What are different types of videos we can produce for you?

Product presentation, social media video, customer testimonial, business explainer, team introduction, educational content, company storytelling, interview, how-to’s, demonstrations, and the list goes on...

Why choose us?

Get served fast.

A reactive video production is what you need. Takeaway Content own its equipment. One phone call, a quick chat and we are ready for shooting your project. It is simple and yet not that easy to find on the market. Chat with us, we are here to help.

Get the right content, at the right place, for the right budget

It does not have to be expensive. There are a thousand ways to express yourself and a unique way to convey your message. We produce what you need and always squeeze the most awesomeness out of every euro invested in your content.

Know your ROI

If it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist, right? Something is not working as you would expect? We’ll know why and be able to adapt it. Something is working great? We’ll find out how to reproduce the success. Ask us about how that works.

They trusted us

Guy Chantal

"I was looking for help to tell my clients that I had sold my company.  I wanted them to know that they could trust my successors to continue working with them. Takeaway Content was there for me from the writing of the message, to the filming at my home, to the editing and distribution of the final material. I didn't have to do a thing. They worked quickly and the final project was of excellent quality. I highly recommend them. "

How we work

1- Let's talk

Our first action is to establish a list of your requirements, followed by a creative meeting. To produce a video that really works, we want to understand your goals, pain points and needs. We are always very open about budget talks as well, so feel free to chat with us about all this.

2- Creation

Aaaaand Action! We will bring our portable studio to you or shoot at any location. Let's plug in, let's turn on, let's record, let's ACTION. We work around your timeline for your goals to be achieved.

3- Finalisation

Postproduction time : we do all the editing, effects and deliver your video. All production include feedbacks opportunities. Relax, we are about to make your business look stunning.