Jérôme Chantal

Jérôme takes care of our visual and audio productions. After 10+ years in the audiovisual industry, he delivers quality content, quickly and cost-effectively.

Meet Jerome, the living, beating heart of everything we do here at Takeaway Content.

TAC was Jerome’s baby, nurtured by his idea that great, quality content shouldn’t only be available to the big players but that small to medium companies could have somewhere they could get the same quality without endless rounds of meetings, quotations and drinking hipster style coffee whilst discussing budgets for the fifteenth time.

Jérôme Chantal and his cameras

Straight out of cinema school, already a technical whizz at all things audiovisual, Jerome plunged into making music and event videos, travelling the globe with bands, filming promos and concerts. 

Jérôme Chantal Digital content team

It was a whirlwind of a time that honed Jerome’s skills and fed his love of travel and new experiences. If you want to see how Jerome spent some of his time in what we like to call his ‘rock and roll years’ check out this video here.

In 2012 though he returned to his native France and set up the hugely successful Diaphonics content creation agency which specialised in stop motion video production for educational, e-learning and promotional uses. He has more than 2000 videos under that gimbal holding belt and he knows his way around a camera like it’s the back of his new born babies head.

2020, that maligned, hell bent year, gave him and his fellow partners the gift of lockdown time and during this period Takeaway Content was born. Jerome is the co-founder and Head of Video and Audio Production.

Jerome speaks French, Spanish and English, even when drunk, and he tells us he is good at sports involving balls, we have seen no evidence of this and we think we better leave this here for now with no further comment.

Give him a call.