Phil Kurthausen

Phil is our storyteller, a writer, journalist & lawyer and the guy who will use word magic to entrance and engage your customers.

Lucky not to be arrested in 2012 for a case of mistaken identity at a border checkpoint in Asia somewhere...

We were going to leave Phil’s bio at that but instead we are going to tell you a story.

It has a happy ending so you needn’t go into this story with any additional anxiety, hey you may not have had any in the first place, if so, that’s great, you are truly zen and we salute you.

A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy, far, far, away, well in Liverpool, to be more precise,  our Chief Storyteller and word magician (and yes, he did make us write that) was born.

Fast forward, think VHS grey lines on the TV, a few years and he became a lawyer specialising in data protection and privacy advising some of silicon valley’s biggest companies on their obligations (and no, he wants us to stress, it was not Facebook) and also freelancing writing copy for whitepapers, marketing departments and sales teams.

At the same time, Phil had another career,each night he would don a mask and tights at night (NO, not that type of career these are metaphorical masks and tights) and write compelling stories.   As an author & scriptwriter  his novels/scripts are published or broadcast by Harper Collins, BloodHound, the BBC, Spiked and many others and have been enormously successful in many countries across the globe.  If you’re interested you can check them out here.

Something had to give, a way to combine all these passions into one role and hey presto, Takeaway Content,  hey we told you it had a happy ending, and Phil became our Chief Storyteller and Copywriter.

He loves to tell stories, whether the medium is  novels,  social media/website/marketing copy, corporate promo videos or animation, Phil wants to write your story.

And if you let him, he might tell you about that border incident in 2012.

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