Wendy Kessler

Wendy is our project manager. She also takes care of all our clients. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, she's really easy to talk to. Don't hesitate to give her a call.

Let us tell you about Wendy Kessler.

Yeah, she has a degree in fine arts, loves design and speaks English, Spanish and French, but she isn't some ivory tower academic type, oh no, because the language she speaks best, is people.  Everything Wendy does, is about putting the customer at the heart of the experience.

It probably explains why the Stoke bar she owned and ran in Barcelona for many years became so successful because people like going to places where they are made to feel welcome and where serving their needs is the driving ethos.  She also says it was the amazing cocktails she used to make but we reckon it was mostly down to her eye for making sure people have a great time.

Digital Content team member Wendy Kessler

Put Wendy in a room and people will gravitate to her and from Prince to Pauper she will make them all feel comfortable and welcome.  Maybe, it’s because she’s lived in so many countries as a child (5 by 14...imagine in how many languages Wendy can say ‘nice to meet you can I borrow a pen’ ) adapting to different cultures and ways of life, but whatever it is, that magic ingredient (maybe it was herring she lived in Sweden for a few years…) has made her what she is today, the best goddamn Head of Content Strategy we know.   You see, Wendy knows how people tick, what works for sales and marketing, and she loves to work with a client to get them to where they need to be.