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Digital content production in Barcelona

We make daily content production cost-friendly, and we are super responsive.

Yes, we can multi-task

You don't need to call in multiple experts. You'll find all content skills under one roof : hire us for the creation of your website, we will also be your photographer. Hire us for producing a video, we will also write the script, etc. You will have one point of contact in our agency, no mess, no fuss. No more wasting time and energy coordinating several freelancers and experts.

We are a real partner

Let's make it clear, our aim is that you meet your business goals. We KNOW we can make a difference. We listen to you and play on your side. In some ways your success is ours. We empathise, we question, we dynamise, we imagine, we dream, we produce, we dare. Let's make something beautiful together.

We get it juuuust right

We pride ourselves on the fact that we always operate at the ideal intersection of quality and price. We squeeze the most awesomeness out of every euro spent on your content. Jérôme calls it the horse-carriage story: call him to find out why.

What we do for you:

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We believe video has the power to humanise your brand, educate your customers, promote your products, and so much more. It is the most powerful and captivating content to create as well as to watch.

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Animation is perfect for bringing complex or abstract ideas to life and creating a solid branding style. Animated videos can distinguish your business from competitors, generating leads with high conversion rates, and helping you increase sales, all in 60 seconds.

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Website & seo

Your website is your window to the world and often people's first glimpse at you or your business. Put all chances on your side by getting impeccable creation, optimisation of the website, SEO and referencing.

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Podcasts & audio

Podcasts can establish you as an authority in your particular business area whatever, and I want to stress this, whatever it is. The spoken word allows nuance, humour and your personality to shine through in a way that the written word just can’t compete with.

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Our work

Working with Takeaway was a fantastic experience, they where very quick to respond to all my enquires and understood in minutes what vision I had for my promotional videos.  It was amazing that we could talk and work together in English but at the same time produce a Spanish video.  Unbelievable skills :)

Wendy and Jerome where available for everything, the script, the lightening, the venue and the delivery.  It was great to work with them.

I have already recommended them to my friends.

Erin Purtle

"From the very first moment I was convinced by the confidence and professionalism they conveyed in relation to their services, which I can only confirm after having worked with them.
I would recommend them without a doubt. I loved TakeawayContent's customer and service orientation, professionalism, flexibility and results."

Verónica Montesinos
A thousand Colibris

"TakeawayContent knew how to connect immediately with our needs, found the perfect voice to reach our audience and did an excellent job in relation to the recording of the content pieces for our newly created app. Thank you TakeawayContent team for being a great support in this nascent project and giving us the comfort of being in good hands and 100% reliable."

Veronica Montesinos
A thousand Colibris